In university housing

Numerous housing units close to the campuses are offered by the Crous Bourgogne-Franche-Comté. They have many advantages: the rent is low with the possibility of benefiting from the CAF housing aid; the price of water, electricity and internet connection is included in the rent; the places of study are close and the social life is rich.

To make a request to reserve accommodation in  university housing, international students must directly go through the platform

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Résidence Portes du Jura
23 rue Ravel – 25200 Montbéliard
03 81 94 45 92
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Résidence René-Thom
37 avenue Clémenceau
25200 Montbéliard
03 81 91 15 05
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Résidence Duvillard
2, rue Ernest-Duvillard
BP 80523 – 90016 Belfort
03 84 21 06 01
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Résidence Braudel
3, rue Marcel-Paul – 90000 Belfort
03 84 22 19 77
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Résidence Jean-Paul-Sartre
1, rue Gaston-Deferre – 90000 Belfort
03 84 21 95 37
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Outside the student residence

Advertisements for accommodation in the private sector (independent or owner-occupied accommodation, shared accommodation, rental for services) are regularly published on the Lokaviz website.

If you rent an apartment in the private housing market, it is possible that, in addition to the rent, you will have to take out an account for gas, electricity or an internet connection. There are several providers in France. Do not hesitate to compare the offers.

Some tips before renting accommodation

Accomodation in the private sector

If you choose a private accommodation, check the ads on these websites:
– CROUS on
– CRIJ on
– Néolia on

You can also view ads on:
-sales and rental websites between private individuals:
-real estate agencies (additional costs of about 1 month’s rent)
-Finally, shared accommodation is a fairly common method of apartment sharing among students. The name of each roommate must appear on the lease. Consult the ads of specialized websites:

Financial aid for accomodation

As with French students, you may qualify for student accommodation aid from the CAF (Caisse d’allocations familiales – Family Benefits Agency).

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Rental payment guarantee

A guarantor is someone who provides security on your behalf, that is, someone who agrees to pay your rent in the event you can no longer do so. In France, nearly everyone seeking to rent an apartment, whether French or foreign, is asked to name a guarantor.

Your guarantor must be French. If you don’t have one, other solutions are possible, thanks to the VISALE system, which provides rental guarantees if you are renting an apartment or room in a university residence. We advise you to begin the VISALE process as soon as possible – even before arriving in France. You don’t have to know your address in France to obtain a certificate of eligibility for VISALE (known as a “VISALE visa”).

Garant Me is an alternative for those who are not eligible for VISALE or whose landlords do not accept it.

Temporary emergency accommodation

The Crous offers temporary emergency accommodation. To take advantage of this, make an appointment with the Crous social service on the platform


When you move into a Crous apartment, you sometimes have to sign a contract with an electricity supplier. Information on the procedures to be followed will be given to you by the Crous as soon as you settle in.
The Crous has signed an agreement with ERDF to simplify and facilitate the installation of students.
Please note: Electrical equipment
The voltage in France is 220 volts and the electrical plug is type E. If it is different in your country of origin, you will be able to use your electrical appliances with adapters, which are available in supermarkets.