Welcome to UFR STGI

Here you will find tools to prepare for your arrival.

For course information and registration, please contact the student affairs office of your department (in charge of academic and administrative activities)

Un problème (personnel, pédagogique ou administratif) / une question ? Envie de participer à des animations, moments forts en convivialité ?

Upon arrival in Belfort or Montbéliard, as a new international student, you will be assisted by mentors – students – in every step of the process of settling in.
They will show you around the university and help you with advice and assistance regarding personal, academic and administrative issues the first weeks of your stay.
Should you be keen to spend some enjoyable time with other students, and share moments of conviviality, your mentors will do their best to create some!
They will do their best to welcome and accommodate you in the best possible manner!

So don’t hesitate to call on them via email:



Mme Fabienne HALM

International Coodinator for incoming Erasmus and non-Erasmus students on the BELFORT campus


Mme Claire GREBER
International Coordinator for incoming Erasmus and non-Erasmus students on the MONTBELIARD campus

Clémence Andréys
International Relations coordination, in charge of the “Welcome to France” Label / International Coordinator for outgoing mobility