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Carpool parking

Campus carpooling

’Carte Avantages Jeunes’ (‘Youth Benefits Card’)

+ more than 3000 GOOD TIPS:
This card offers many discounts and free admission for people under 30 years concerning culture, leisure and daily life in Franche-Comté, the Jura and the Bernese Jura in Switzerland.
From September 1 to August 31 of each year, the Youth Benefits card can be used to get free admission to libraries, reduced admission to movie theatres and free admission to the region’s main heritage sites.
Coupons are also available for shows and concerts, they also allow you to enjoy many discounts at retailers and travel agencies.

In Bourgogne-Franche-Comté its price is 8 €.
To buy the card, you have to:
-present your identity card
-provide a recent ID photo.
Where to buy the card?
Numerous sales outlets, including:

Belfort Youth Information Office
(Bureau Information Jeunesse : BIJ)
3 rue Jules Vallès
90000 Belfort

Montbéliard Youth Information Office
(Bureau Information Jeunesse:BIJ)
6 avenue des Alliés
25200 Montbéliard

Second-hand stores: good buys at low prices!

They offer a wide selection of second-hand and refurbished products at the best price (telephones, tablets, video games, game consoles, computers, DVDs / books, cameras, video games, household appliances and many other products).

Easy Cash Bessoncourt
14 av du Tilleul,
90160 Bessoncourt

Cash Express Montbéliard
57 av Chabaud Latour
25200 Montbéliard

Give Box – UFR STGI
-Montbéliard: bâtiment C, ground floor
-Belfort, bâtiment Néel, ground floor

Arrival / Aid Kit for international students

Hi there !
You’ve just joined the UFR STGI foreign students’ team (a warm welcome to you ! 😀 ) and maybe you feel a bit lost in all the things you don’t have -but definitely need !- to cook or even sleep.
Don’t worry, we may be able to help you ! 😎
We can put several things at your disposal like blankets, pillows, sheets, or cutlery, dishes, glasses and pans (among other useful artifacts ! 😉)
Should you need one of those things on your arrival, feel free to ask Ms Greber (Montbéliard) or Ms Halm (Belfort).
Feel free to email them by using the following addresses: &
Please, make sure the Contrat Etudiant in charge of foreign students on your site (Belfort or Montbéliard) also gets your e-mails, your school department will easily share his/ her email address with you.
Not everything will be available… but we’ll try our best to help you settle down “smoothly” !
See you very soon !

Classified ads from private individual to private individual and professionals: ‘Leboncoin’

Discover the ads for second hand cars, motorcycles, real estate, employment, holiday rentals, clothing, household appliances, toys, decoration, furniture, etc.

Open universities to train, enrich your cultural knowledge and share ideas

IDEE, Université Populaire BELFORT
‘General public’ conference program
Language courses (French as a Foreign Language: FLE, English…), etc.
English course price: 294 € from level A1 to A2 – 305 € from level B1
FLE course price: from 90 € to 280 €
Raymond Aubert School
25 rue de la 1ère Armée Française
90000 Belfort

L’Université Ouverte’ (‘Open University’), Montbéliard local branch.
Courses, conferences, visits, cultural trips, etc.
The conferences (free access on presentation of the student card) take place at the ‘Grand Amphitheatre’ of the ‘Pôle Universitaire des Portes du Jura in Montbéliard’.
Contact :
03 81 66 51 00