mobile phone and internet subscription

Mobile telephony

In France, there are several mobile telephone operators (Orange, SFR, Free, Bouygues Télécom, La Poste, etc.). You can take a monthly subscription or buy only prepaid cards
Subscriptions cost between 2€/month and 60€/month. Remember to choose a formula adapted to your stay (pay attention to the conditions and duration of the engagement on the contract, etc.).

Please note: In France, telephone numbers are ten digits long. To call abroad enter 00 + country code + telephone number.
To call France from abroad enter 00 + 33 + the telephone number without the first 0 (from the United States and Canada dial 011 + 33 + the telephone number without the first 0).

WIFI Internet

Most of the UFC buildings have free wifi.
Internet service providers (the same as for mobile phones) all have offers that vary according to the services they provide: Internet access, television, telephony. Whether you are connected to the Internet by cable, ADSL or fiber optic, there is necessarily a package that suits your needs and means.
To have an Internet connection at home, you must subscribe to a contract with an operator.
Subscriptions cost between €10/month and €50/month.