Student associations

To get to know people, joining an association is a very good option for foreign students. Feel free to contact the student associations to keep yourself posted on the activities they offer throughout the year.
Lists of local associations :


MéMO : ‘Maison des étudiants de Montbéliard’ (Student Center)
Monday > Friday (open during lunch break)
Events, games, table football, etc.
Join the MéMO association and enjoy many advantages.


ESN Belfort-Montbéliard
Association formerly known as ‘International Students Belfort Montbéliard’.
‘ESN’-labelled association for the reception of international students
All the association’s events are available on the Facebook page:

The ‘Café Polyglotte’ (Multilingual Café) is a weekly event organised by ESN Belfort Montbéliard to allow students to meet other students and learn to speak their language.
Each Café is organized around a specific theme to make it easier for participants to learn other languages and cultures while enjoying themselves.
Every Tuesday at 8 p.m., one week in Belfort (Brasserie L’ABC), the other week in Montbéliard (Pub O’Brian)!