Student associations

To get to know people, joining an association is a very good option for foreign students. Feel free to contact the student associations to keep yourself posted on the activities they offer throughout the year.
Lists of local associations :


MéMO : ‘Maison des étudiants de Montbéliard’ (Student Center)
Monday > Friday (open during lunch break)
Events, games, table football, etc.
Join the MéMO association and enjoy many advantages.

The ‘Café Polyglotte’ (Multilingual Café) is a weekly event organised by ESN Belfort Montbéliard to allow students to meet other students and learn to speak their language.
Each Café is organized around a specific theme to make it easier for participants to learn other languages and cultures while enjoying themselves.
Every Tuesday at 8 p.m., one week in Belfort (Brasserie L’ABC), the other week in Montbéliard (Pub O’Brian)!


AJE – UFR STGI à Belfort
The ‘Association des Jeunes Etudiants de l’UFR STGI de Belfort’ (Association of the young students of the Faculty UFR STGI of Belfort) was created with the aim of developing student life and increasing social exchanges between the departments of ‘AES/Droit’ and ‘Sciences & Energies’.

ESN Belfort
Association formerly known as ‘International Students Belfort Montbéliard’.
‘ESN’-labelled association for the reception of international students
All the association’s events are available on the Facebook page: