Practical information

List of the necessary documents

For many administrative procedures in France, you will need to have with you a certain number of documents that you must obtain before your arrival:

  • birth certificate (which must include: family name, first name, date and place of birth, sex) translated into French by a certified translator
  • certificate of pre-enrolment or enrolment in a higher education institution
  • about ten classic passport photos (3×4 cm, dark background)
  • original diplomas translated into French by a certified translator (depending on your higher education institution).
    In addition, depending on your situation, other documents are required:

Non-EU students (who do not live in the European Union)

  • valid passport
  • student visa
  • health booklet or vaccination certificate
  • certificate of resources or scholarship
  • language level certificate (depending on your higher education institution)
  • certificate of private health insurance if you are not covered by social security
    Students from the European Union
  • a valid identity card or passport
  • European health insurance card
  • student card from your home university